Connecticut man, 81, accused of performing sex act with shrubbery

STRATFORD >> An 81-year-old Stratford man has been charged with public indecency, accused of performing a sex act with some shrubbery.

Police tell the Connecticut Post they arrested Wallace Berg on Monday after a neighbor showed them a video he took of a naked Berg in the bushes outside Berg’s home.

Police say the neighbor told them he confronted Berg who then stopped the indecent behavior, covered himself with a grill cover, apologized and went into his house.

Berg was charged with public indecency and second-degree breach of peace. He was released after posting a $10,000 bond and is due in Superior Court on Aug. 5.

He did not immediately return a phone call Wednesday from the Associated Press seeking comment.


Birds I have seen and Mocked.

Yesterday I saw an albino starling. Last weekend there were 27 ospreys in Guilford and they were besieged by either pipets or whimbrels peeping out an angry tune. There are turkeys across from Dairy Queen. Herons; both Great Blue and Black crowned Night Herons fly above the Mill River. And Friole has come around from the “They’re Chicken Hawks” stage to actually seeing eagles. Not imaginary ones, but ones in the correct location of their flyways and feeding routes. Although the one he saw on the Mt. Carmel Connector sitting on a tall aluminum lamp post was probably only a  Chicken Hawk, a name which denotes raptors that have the capacity to kill small chickens. Eagles eat fish and generally don’t perch on high exposed aeries.

And the Mockingbirds have raised their young and gone off. The blackberries are ripening and soon they will be thousands of avians traveling the mighty Atlantic Flyway to different places.

I look forward migration more this year because the No Worries Brewery and Tap Room is opening on State Street and it’s only a block from prime eagle sighting turf. I wonder if eagles drink?

God send me humming birds!

The Rat Colony is About to Explode

I used to live in a dorm named after John C. Calhoun. And while he died ten years before the first Civil War, he was a noted States Righter and Slavery Advocate. I was pleased to see it was renamed when I drove by in the summer of 2001. I think that America would be a lesser country, a meaner, more backwards place if there had not been black people here. They add to society and our culture in a most aleatory way.

We look back at Nazi Germany and we ask; “Why didn’t the people stop them?” They did. Ever hear of the White Rose Society? A peaceful student protest group. They were beheaded. It take guts to Occupy Wall Street. It’s not easy to stand in the hot Missouri street with other dispossessed and rally. Today the White Rose Society is venerated. In life they were reviled. Just like the Ferguson patriots of today.

The Rat Colony is from an experiment by John B. Calhoun who observed and documented the effects of overcrowding on contained rat colonies. The conclusions are not good. It’s a thing called Behavioral Sink, which means as the stress in the society increases  so do the behaviors we call deviant.

I think that people have forgotten the normal rules of society and  they overlook injustice because of the Niemoller Principle, which says you remain silent and therefore pliant until it hits home. Neimoller said; “When they came for the Communists, I did not speak up because I wasn’t a Communist…and when they finally came for me just before the end, no one was left to stand up for me.

Most Americans just wanna be left alone. But there are those who, by using social media join a much larger community than was even available even back in 2001. Technology has outpaced our social mastery of it. And when was the first porno picture taken? Right after the first portrait? And who invented the now defunct obscene call? I bet Graham Bell was alive. Guns & Drones, filming a car accident instead of helping are symptoms of the tunnel vision people have about “just doing their thing”. People wanna be left alone but today, you can’t just opt out of societal norms, the stakes are to high. We need to put caring and civic responsibility back into people. It seems like everyone just wants to get there “cheese” at all costs.

But the human race needs to turn the corner into the Age of Aquarius and start putting the greater good of the society ahead of feathering their own nest. The poor need to engage a passion or simply get out and clean up their block. The wealthy need to share more and use their wealth to facilitate things.  It’s an attitude change and I fear it will never come. I think that there were always people who took and dominated and hurt for their gain, but not everyone. Today, I fear it’s a universal attitude and the rat colony is about to explode.