Even if we confiscate all guns Americans ingenuity will produce weapons like zip guns, crude explosives and use rocks and knives to kill each other. Acquaint yourselves with British knife crime statistics. Anger Management education, not confiscation. I believe the Founding Fathers were terrified of the Return of Tyranny and it rings true today; guns in private hands constitute a well regulated militia . Just ask a 1940 French citizen, the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto, a Hungarian in 1956, a Czech during the Prague Spring, the Tank Man of Tiananmen, a 1990 Kuwaiti citizen or an Egyptian in Tahrir Square. And let’s not forget the Freedom Riders or Crispus Attucks. Change is rarely smooth, predictable or manageable. I pray our citizens are well armed the day they NEED to confront Enemies, Oppression or Tyranny; Both Foreign and Domestic. It’s our right to protect ourselves from marauders, terrorists, invaders or tyrants; Both Foreign and Domestic if the Government Cannot. I am Gay so I would be the first to go in a Christo, Islamo, Hindi,  Sino or Afro centric,  Anti- norm hating world.
God Bless Dr. M. L. King, Jesus, Moses, The Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon him),Gandhi, Bob Stiles and all their like souls fighting for what’s right against oppression of ALL kinds ~ Both Foreign and Domestic, Remember Cain slew Abel with a rock, Where there’s animosity  harm and evil will find it’s level. 
Despite all this I find America more loving, comforting, accepting than in 1976. I am proud, you should be too.