Bird of the Shore

I swear my old president looks like a sketch of the suspect in the Yale coed murder. Had a sad fall from grace. Hope he’s well. Once people get power, even in the sanitized quasi-chivalric corpo-governemnt, they change.  They start to practice the Hitler management method; keep your reports fighting amongst themselves, and they won’t come after you. And put off major decisions till someone (not you) must take ownership and therefore, any subsequent blame. Corpo-gov has raised feudal warfare to a bloodless level, even though most are still serfs.

Guilford is hard on young people. They drink and drug and die and suffer. Endless young people killed in car crashes. Now, heroin and opiates are killing as fast. Two brothers died together, of a fentanyl overdose. both found equally dead. But that was in Burlington, Vermont.

The weather was nice and I saw an Aquarid meteor one night. The eagles are gone? or I didn’t see any, but Scales sees them on State & Main. A hummingbird made several appearances as did a torrent of ospreys which chirp and screech too much. Just wanna slap them. A red tailed hawk seems to visit a dead tree between 2pm and 4pm daily. And I saw my second goldfinches, a skittery couple eating seeds from a weed with yellow flowers. And the sharp shinned hawk that swooped over the yard in a tight aerodynamic tuck.  The Canada geese are gone but they’ll be back pooping on the soccer pitch and waves  of bird armies will pass overhead to soar up, up over Long Island and glide down to catch up with the land again over northern Jersey.