Birds I have seen and Mocked.

Yesterday I saw an albino starling. Last weekend there were 27 ospreys in Guilford and they were besieged by either pipets or whimbrels peeping out an angry tune. There are turkeys across from Dairy Queen. Herons; both Great Blue and Black crowned Night Herons fly above the Mill River. And Friole has come around from the “They’re Chicken Hawks” stage to actually seeing eagles. Not imaginary ones, but ones in the correct location of their flyways and feeding routes. Although the one he saw on the Mt. Carmel Connector sitting on a tall aluminum lamp post was probably only a  Chicken Hawk, a name which denotes raptors that have the capacity to kill small chickens. Eagles eat fish and generally don’t perch on high exposed aeries.

And the Mockingbirds have raised their young and gone off. The blackberries are ripening and soon they will be thousands of avians traveling the mighty Atlantic Flyway to different places.

I look forward migration more this year because the No Worries Brewery and Tap Room is opening on State Street and it’s only a block from prime eagle sighting turf. I wonder if eagles drink?

God send me humming birds!