Not that story i mentioned but some other crap

The intifada has crept onto Facebook. My old pot dealer (34 years ago) has a doctorate. He’s also embroiled in the rhetoric and activism surrounding the stuff in the Levant. He’s Jewish, yet pro-Palestinian. I don’t want to get involved except to offer prayers to Allah/Yahweh. The whole situation’s so convoluted and complex. Oppression, violence, hatred, revenge. Jericho, man’s oldest continuously inhabited city conquered by nameless raiders lost to history, still fought over by its present inhabitants, taken by the Hittites, Pharaoh’s Army, Assyria, Babylon, Alexander, Rome, Suleiman, the Templars, Turks, British, French, Jordan. It seems simple, who was there first? But the UN created Israel in 1948. Did they have the right to do it? And Jew and Arab lived together under the Caliphates. What went wrong? Dr. Pot Dealer says there’s places in Gaza that resemble the Nazi Ghettos of eastern Europe, but not even 20 years ago they slaughtered all those people in Srebenica, Bosnia. Plus all the stuff people become “outraged” about is too much. Once had a pushy, twatty nurse demand an apology from me. She knuckled me under, and I begged her for forgiveness. I was selling her Medicare supplemental insurance and she informed me several times that she had a PhD. She was clipped and dismissive. She was contrary and mean spirited. I answered one of her haughty questions too facetiously and she was not amused.  But I had her address. Dead squirrel in her mailbox, sure, nails under her passenger side tires, great. An egg, gently tossed. And magazine subscriptions. No handwriting, all the little 3”x 5” fallout cards neatly typed. Good Housekeeping, Llama Lover, Highlights, Family Circle, Atlantic, Yankee and People, all sent under great secrecy. I used to love the little cards you’d get near the Community Bulletin Board at the grocery store. My favorite was the ostomy supply catalog and the American Center for Enuresis. Fill that one out and you’d get a slew of info and items for sale designed to relieve the heartbreak of enuresis, which is bed wetting. Never heard from her again so I have no idea if the pranks amounted to anything, but she’s probably dead now, which cheers me up a little.