A turkey, a singleton, came into the courtyard between the apartment buildings. It ate holly berries from the ripe bushes. I watched it profusely. It trotted towards the water company property and I suppose it had come that way as our property is fenced from the north and east to the southeast.  Coming from the west would mean it crossed a busy road and the south was just an overly full medial building parking lot. But the more I think,  it did most likely come from the west, crossing the road and going down a narrow alleyway created by the north fence.

Eagles are getting a little too common, a pair is hanging at the corner of Legion and the Boulevard. The eags are looking to appropriate several monk parrot nests in huge maples on the Sherman Triangle. I like the parrots more than eags. Eags are thieves, saw some osprey  bullying here and in Florida. Parrots make condo nests, and the eags build on top. I still am in awe of seals, and would like to see a panther of moose. Anyways the Conservation police posted it and put up a snow fence, but the neighborhood has enough inconvenience and someone had kicked it down to create a pass through.

Larry picked me up on New Year’s Eve. He saw me walking. I was angry because he’d cancelled several Sunday trips. He’d plan it. Call me and lay it out and then cancel. But not like that morning or the day of or even ten minutes before departure. Like 50, 90 minutes or two hours into his 4 hour agenda. We were on the road and a call from his daughter would prompt an immediate u-turn.  He’s a lone wolf he says, but then he say’s he’s socially miserable.

Is it better to see yourself as others do and not give a hoot what they think, or is it better to cage yourself in a rigid set of rules that leave no response to chance and render anything outside the pale logic and therefore faulty, wrong, evil? Fucking Kierkegaard.

You gotta get your happiness wherever you can. Heard a choir of cardinals singing at dawn. Couldn’t see them, but the songs were intense. Grateful that my pleasure threshold is so accommodating of the simple. Those waiting for the magnificent always miss it in the mundane.