What if the Shark Dies while a TV show is jumping it?

The show I’d written off was on and it was hilarious. Nice to see somethings improve after the opportunity for formulaic routine has become viable

As that which once happened in real life too, a TV bird did a poopoo in a woman’s mouth. Mortifying, but Hilarious; and more so because of a story i heard.

NOW i did not hear this story on the internet, or any electric medium. I heard it in a conversation (remember those?) many years ago. The best part was Hamburg Cove was the location of the real life oral doodoo bombing. It was on a boat, the cove is an ancient seaport,  and has a long history of swells and rogues, often in the same person.

Lots of people have drowned there and a sadness perfumes the cove’s beauty. The best story, excepting the highlighted one  above where a woman’s mother-in-law threw her head back to laugh and a gull did a drive by, scoring the swish.

Earlier in the 20th century a major Hartford financier fell off a boat filled with what the newspapers said were “his nieces”  and drowned. Sad, people drown there every year. Are they lulled into distraction by the surrealism? Or does the relax and party factor contribute. Sometimes it’s just bad luck.  But the water lulls and quenches and fools.

The cove was always a place of wealth as it afforded a discreet  smuggling opportunities for everything from the earliest to a sailboat with a keel full of high grade Colombian marihuana seizes in the Seventies. The boat’s name was Free Bird.

But Connecticut’s own Ethan Allen, was the first cowboy. He organized a fifth column, based on trade, to spy on the British in New York, which was occupied. It consisted of raiding the cattle of dirty Tory loyalists and driving it to New York, Yonkers actually and selling it the the British Army and Navy and fancy restaurants.

But coming out of the city was intelligence and some was provided by an Malaysian merchant of Chinese extraction who rented a crappy grog shop on the east side near the shipyards. He’s speak Spanish to one of the cowboy boys who were basically mercenaries. and many a Brit Tommy would coming in for his curry and a taste of memories of their Indian postings.