My Frontier Weekend

On Saturday October 25th at noon I could no longer connect with Hotmail or Bing! Even though I don’t regularly use Bing, the fact I couldn’t tantalized me into wanting to Bing even more. Usually this would really make me frustrated, angry, afraid and feeling helpless. But lately, my doctor; I like to call him “The Good Doctor” like “The Good Wife” even though he is a middle aged man from Gujarat, tells me to practice patience.  It is an attitude that never fails to soothe.

“It’ll come back on in time.” I thought. And I remembered that my internet/television provider AT&T was switching us over to Frontier Communications. All that afternoon the Turner Classic Movie Channel played the “Road” pictures with Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour and Bing.

Then on Tuesday the cable went down at 8pm, prime time. I rebooted a couple of times and then I lost it. Fear and panic! Did I lose any Walking Dead’s on the DVR?

I called the special transition number they had sent me, I got through to the Customer Service area by pressing 0, and then I was cut off. Three times. Now one TV was working, one was rebooting and I called again. This time I had the patience to listen to the announcements at the beginning of the call before pounding zero # to sneak through. All was answered because I had the patience to listen. Eight minutes later the TV’s were working, no loss of recorded shows, and I was officially watching Frontier Television!

Yesterday I paid the bill. Tried to pay AT&T, but my account was nonexistent. I dreaded calling Frontier and I did have a 10 minute wait on hold, but when they answered they were really, really good. She even emailed me a link to the online account setup system, so i could pay online in the future, without going through Customer Service. (even though they really live up to their name, I prefer internet self service) It even populated all the fields other companies make you type in like your address and pet’s first name.

Thank you Frontier for great TV & internet, and teaching me that when the cable does go down, it’s a blessing. I teach myself patience by staring at the blank, unplugged TV screen while my favorite shows are on. And sometimes I don’t even DVR them.

This is Kinky. My neighbor left a pile of foul smelling clothes on top of his washing machine in the laundry room. I thought it was that sour smell clothes get when you leave wet ones in the washer too long. But the smell was stronger on one side of the pile. And it was not so much sour as it was uriney. I poked it with a stick and found that the offending garment was a fleece blanket sleeper one piece that you’d put a toddler in, but full size. I always thought that blanket sleepers kept kids too hot. So there’s this man sized one piece jammie thing and as I stirred the pile around i found the smoking gun, a bib!!

So the dude is a practicing adult baby and he goes full adult baby monty in his blankie sleeper. But that’s just speculation.