Soup of the Day

To Dear: You know who you are. I had fun and it reminded me of how popular and confident you once were. Everyone knows you and you could be on the tips of their tongues, but you seem to strategically withdraw. Maybe it’s a smart branding move to isolate yourself. To be the Gatsby at every party. The absence certainly does make the reunions  fonder.

Yet, there is great merit in being not in the direct spotlight, but in someone else’s spotlight to help them share their moment. Where is the Du Jour of yesteryear who herded up party fun like a cowboy in Abilene?  The Impresario  may have wanted your support, needed a familiar and trusted shoulder to lean on. I urge you to go. I hope you do. I have 143 reasons to go, but you have 341 to not. Call upon your inner council of Moudaber’s, Wayans’ and Benji’s and have them show you the true path. It’s not too late to make an appearance. The world is waiting for your brilliance