Dinner Dilemma

Haley will not allow me to order mashed potatoes in a restaurant because I threw them around on a patio at a scuzzy little ptomaine trap in Hollywood, Los Angeles. A gay porno website owner interviewing a handsome Gujarati gentleman for a job told me to stop and she got embarrassed.  Now I have to order pasta. Long pasta, nothing you can throw.

New Haven was named the 7th most unfriendly city in the world and the the second most dangerous in the United States.  The only really good restaurants are Modern Pizza, Pepe’s, Luce and Mikro. But Tweed is the nicest little airport. Too bad the airport has no sense of humor, because they could have really branded themselves by not making their uniforms from hounds tooth and used, well, you know the fabric, instead. No more good humor in America today, even the ice cream trucks in this area are all Mister Softee’s.

Luce was very good tonight. Mostly heavy winter food, duck confit, veal chop with demi- glace and roasted winter vegetables. And you can’t pick a bad wine from their really big list.