Election Day

Here in Hamlet we are electing a new mayor. The old ones were pretty good. The town has a nice sanitation department that offers twice a year bulk removal of bigger items in addition to the weekly trash pick-up. The  transfer station (dump) is nice. The Arts Commission puts on farmer’s markets and concerts. The fire department does a great fireworks show. The snow gets plowed most of the time. There’s a temporary mayor and three candidates. The old elected mayor got a nice job with the state and he’ll probably run for office again. He was part of the commission for the school shooting report. That was a sad day, when that shooting happened. I was hoping it was only a domestic violence killing, like someone shot a lunch lady, or teacher. but it wasn’t. And it’s kinda sick that I hoped it would be ONLY a domestic or maybe a workplace shooting. I think I thought that if the people knew each other it would be easier to create a motive.

“Oh, someone was fired and they shot their boss.”

So the horror of that random act could somehow be lessened by mitigating circumstances. That was the saddest day.

There’s been a hullabaloo about a university and the housing of students. Mostly parties, cars and parking, kids crowding together in what was once single family homes and a promise to create enough room on campus.

Both sides, town and gown have merit but it’s so complex. Is it resistance to change? Preserving peace and property values? Unfulfilled obligations? Sheer nuisance and youthful stupidity? Then there was TV and the chief got pilloried. I think I’ll vote and try to come in on the side of suffer the children and clean up your messes. Hamlet has an excellent sanitation department