Wrens in the nest suffering from Asclepias tuberosa.

Drake is confusing wrens with house sparrows that have little football black glare resistor creme under their eves. I prefer the chickadee’s cause they’re more striking and wear a full bandits mask. House sparrows have a nest outside his garage. three babies.

Saw four ospreys, two cardinals, one eagle, two vultures and a pair of male/female brown headed cowbirds.

Very phlegmy today. Thick and nasty and starting to smell. Sometimes I get little electric shocks in my arms and neck.

I really don’t want to care take anyone anymore. Especially dogs. Somewhere pets went from being possessions of to members of our families. Liking dogs doesn’t mean you’re a good person, look at Hitler. Sick of no appreciation. Only remedy; stop doing. If they let you. Now nausea. Heartburn, nausea, indigestion..upset stomach, diarrhea. (clue little flashmob dance move)

Found a nice orange wildflower called ascliepias tuberosa. Must have been in a garden and somehow escaped into the olive wood hedge where it was maintaining bloom in a shaded southerly direction.

Cut them for a birthday floral arrangement. Not a pet, thankfully, but close on the dire scale.

Making gazpacho for din din. No birds today. Just dog talk. I miss drake, cause he has the name of a duck and i like birds.

ascliepias tuberosa is also called butterfly weed and Monarchs go crazy over it. Elizabeth II feeds on its nectar every morning for a fresh dew faced appearance.